After leaving Ali Kiba’s label,Baraka the Prince goes broke

Tanzanian singer Baraka the prince PHOTO COURTESY

Just months after his bitter separation with his influential record label Rockstar 4000, Tanzanian singer Baraka the prince is broke.

The singer is reported to have sold his vehicle and some household items in order to survive.

Speaking to Tanzanian media house Ayo TV, Baraka confessed that at the moment he was not in a position to access the luxuries he was accessing before and also sending his mother money.

“There is nothing in specific I would point to but there some things that I was doing before when I had money that I am not in a position to right now,” Baraka said.

Baraka also said he was not in a position to take his girlfriend Najma Dattani who is currently living outside Tanzania to a proper salon.

This comes just a month after he confessed in his song sina that he was on the verge of becoming bankrupt.

However, Baraka said his situation is something normal that can happen to anyone.

It is not yet clear when the singers’ woes began,  last year following his bitter split with AliKibas label Rockstar 4000, Prince was quoted by Tanzanian media saying he had left the label because it was limiting what he could do and withholding his songs including a song he had done with  South African rapper Casper Nyovest.