More preparation time for you before departure in New SGR train schedule

The SGR station in Mombasa. The Madaraka express services that were halted in March will resume on Monday. PHOTO: FILE

Mombasa, KENYA: Madaraka Express, commonly known as the SGR will be changing their train schedule from 1st August. The changes aim to improve efficiency, performance and overall user satisfaction.

Starting 1st August you’ll have more time to prepare or even sleep if you’re traveling via the SGR.

Madaraka Express has revised its train schedule with the earliest intercounty train departure from Nairobi leaving the Station at 8:20 compared to the current time of 8:00 am. The express train time has just been adjusted by 5 minutes to leave the station at 2:35 and not 2:00 pm as it currently is.

Mombasa SGR lovers will have 45 minutes at hand as the new schedule puts departure time at 8:00 am from 7:15, while the Express train time remains the same.

From Nairobi, scheduled leaving time for the train will be (Athi 8:40, Emali 9:47, Kibwezi 10:32, Mtito Andei 11:20 and Voi 12:29 etc) with a 3-4 minutes window.

From Mombasa, new train times will be (Mariakani 8:24, Miasenyi 9:09, Voi 9:43, Mtito 10:52, Kibwezi 11:25 etc) all with a 3-4 minutes window period.

The change in schedule is to be effective from the beginning of next month.

The new (SGR) Madaraka Express train schedule that takes effect as from 1st August 2018. PHOTO: COURTESY