DPP Noordin Haji, IG Boinnet fail to produce missing minor in court

Mishomoroni woman accused of selling child found fit for trial./COURTESY

Mombasa, KENYA: The Director of Public Prosecution Noordin Hajji and Inspector General of police Joseph Boinet have failed to produce Husni Mbaraki Khalid alive or dead in court on Friday.

Mombasa high court had on Monday directed the two to ensure the missing minor is produced in court since it’s their mandate to protect lives of citizens.

It’s alleged that Mr. Khalid was abducted by police officers on 25th May 2018, near Saphire hotel along Mwembe Tayari road in Mombasa by police officers.

Mombasa high court for the second time has directed Mr.Boinet and DPP Noordin to produce a minor alleged to be abducted police officers.

The family of Husni Mbarak Khalid filed a habeas corpus in court last week seeking the Director of Public Prosecution, Inspector general of police and Kenya national police service to produce Mr. Khalid.

Khalid’s family alleges that a number of public including security personnel guarding Sapphire hotel witnessed the abduction of their kin.

“It’s the duty of the respondents to protect the lives of citizens and it is clear they have not shown any seriousness to produce the missing minor and I, therefore, revises the orders given early and direct the respondents to produce Husni on 4th July in court,” said Ogola.”