Leaders propose Governor Kingi as head of new Coast political party

Kilifi Governor Amason Kingi. PHOTO: file

Kilifi, KENYA: Former and present political leaders have collectively appointed Kilifi Governor Amason Kingi to spearhead towards the formation of a Coast Political party and Coast unity.

They said the only way the Coast region will be respected and considered in the national politics in Kenya is through owning its own political party.

Speaking during the burial of former Ganze Member of Parliament Joseph Kingi, in his Mitsemerini home in Bamba over the weekend, a clergy of leaders said time has come for the Coast region to decide its destiny.

Former Kinango MP, Samuel Gomzi Rai urged the current leaders to sit down with the former leaders to discuss and come up with a concrete plan to be used in the coming 2022 politics.

“Time has come we now throw away our rivalries and focus on the Coast unity and political party,” Gonzi Rai said.

“We must understand that the only way we can enjoy the national cake is by being in the government. I want to urge you (Governor Kingi) to take charge of this journey and we will support you fully,” he added.

Kilifi North MP Owen Baya called upon governor Kingi to call for a Coast Unity Summit to discuss the way forward of the coast in the national politics come 2022.

He said the coast region will decide on its own where to be in the 2022 politics after realizing its destiny.

“I know you (Kingi) that you have the capacity to spearhead this move to its success,” Baya said.

“Please do that and you have our support. We must be in government in 2022 but with a plan,” he added.

His sentiments were echoed by Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa and former MPs Abdallah Ngozi, Francis Baya and Noah Katana Ngala.

However, Kingi said the plan is already underway and sooner than later it will be finalized.

“I want to assure the people of Kilifi and entire Coast region that the move is already underway and we will inform you publicly sooner than later,” Kingi said.

“The reason we have been quiet is that we did not want it to go public before it is fully mature,” he added.