Diamond and Hamisa spark reunion rumors after he fires Kifesi

Hamisa Mobeto and Diamond PlatinumZ during the shoot of their Salome video PHOTO:COURTESY

Let’s just say that Diamond Platnumz’s love life is quite a trivia.

If he is not firing shots at his baby mama Hamisa Mobetto in his lyrics he is busy cuddling with his ex Wema Sepetu.

The past weekend has been quite busy as far as Diamond’s relationship life is concerned.

It all started when  he fired his longtime nosy photographer Kifesi who had earlier lectured him on social media over his decision to let his Ugandan baby mama Zari Hassan go.

Kifesi himself broke the news of the end of his working relationship with Diamond claiming that his job was not healthy for his relationship with God .

However Diamond’s sister Esma Platnumz quickly interjected him urging him to talk the truth further revealing that Kifesi had been fired for poking his nose on his bosses’ business.

Hardly had the dust settled than Diamond sparked reunion rumors after he publicly cuddled with his baby mama Hamisa Mobetto on Sunday night during  the Sanaa Zetu Tanzania Film Festival awards.

Diamond and Hamisa had been called to the podium to present the award for the film with the best original music and no sooner had Hamisa joined Diamond on stage than the two started cuddling.

Diamond also complemented Hamisa telling her she looked good.

Earlier in the night and host had asked Hamisa Mobetto who she was happy to see grace the awards ceremony and she responded Diamond Platnumz much to his surprise.

This comes just a few weeks after Wema sepetu who has been largely blamed over Diamond’s breakup with Zari clarified that she was just friends with Diamond .