Diamond Platnumz reveals how he cried over his Ex-lover

Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz PHOTO COURTESY

Diamond Platinumz left Nairobi after a successful album launch. He however also left some information no one had heard from him before, diamond revealed he only cried over one woman, former miss Tanzania wema sepetu who also happens to be his ex.

The hitmaker from Bongo land says he once cried so much after Wema asked him to leave her in peace following the drama in his life.

This came as a surprise to many coming from a man that is such a ladies heartthrob and who has been trending on social media for numerous involvements with other women despite being in a relationship and fathering two children with Ugandan socialite and entrepreneur Zari Hassan.

Diamond who was in Nairobi accompanied by American RnB singer Omarion for his album launch spoke during an interview with mzazi Willy M Tuva insisting he has a platonic relationship with Wema.

He said, “kulikuwa na connection siwezi kataa na chemistry ilikuwa strong sana. Now we are just good friends na tuko kwa sanaa moja na tunategemeana”.

This comes slightly over a month after his baby mama Zari dumped him with a post on her Instagram post.

Following the break-up, many have speculated a reunion of wema and chibu dangote as he is popularly known to his fans.

The two have however on several occasions denied this terming their relationship as strictly professional. This is because they will be working together on Wasafi TV set to launch soon.

He was also quick to downplay the attention and love he receives saying he has been rejected before by girls who were not so into the publicity kind of life.