Human rights group wants number of MPs reduced to 150

HAKI Africa Chief Executive Officer Hussein Khalid during a past press briefing in Mombasa .The organization has questioned KNEC's move to de-register student PHOTO: HILLARY MAKOKHA.

Mombasa, KENYA: Human rights group HAKI Africa have called for the reduction of the number of counties and constituencies to curb the huge wage bill.

Addressing journalists on Wednesday in Mombasa, HAKI Africa Chief Executive Officer Hussein Khalid said they have written to the IEBC proposing a number of counties reduced to a maximum of 10 with each county having 12 members of parliament.

“Another 30 MPs should be identified to present special interest groups thus bringing the total to 150 MPs,” said Khalid.

Mr.Khalid also said that each MP should not earn more than Khs.200,000 and called upon Kenyans to support the move and ensure politicians do not polarize the country.

HAKI Africa also estimated that the government has spent more than 100 million shillings on the ongoing MPs conference in Mombasa.

“Currently, 349 MPs are enjoying an all expense paid trip in Mombasa’s five-star hotels in name of evaluating elections, yet it’s the same politicians who continue to divide Kenya,” said Khalid.