I will continue being Lamu West MP despite court ruling, says Muthama

Stanley Muthama. High Court had earlier ruled that he had lost his Lamu West seat. PHOTO: NATASHA NEMA.

Lamu, KENYA: Former Lamu West MP Stanley Muthama has sworn to continue serving in his capacity as a legislator until a by-election date is set following the nullification of his win by the Malindi High Court on Wednesday.

This follows a successful petition by Lamu ODM politician Rishad Amana.

Muthama of the Maendeleo Chap Chap party was declared winner in the August 8 general elections last year after garnering 11,090 votes against Amana’s 10,950.

The latter however successfully petitioned the win resulting in the nullification.

Speaking on Thursday,Muthama said he fully respects the decision of the courts.

He said he was ready for the by election or any other decision as might be directed by the court since he believed his win was valid.

“The court must be respected and that’s exactly what I will do as I await the next decision by the court.If you ask me the decision was undeserved since there were no mistakes during the vote recount.My commitment to the people of Lamu West still stands whether or not am in office.I am ready even for a by-election so I can prove my enemies wrong again,”said Muthama.

He said he was currently in consultations with his constituents on whether or not to appeal the court’s decision.

When contacted Rishad Amana on his side was over himself with joy and said he was glad justice had prevailed at last.

He said the court’s decision was proof enough that he had been validly elected as MP by the people of Lamu West on August 8.

Amana called or peace from his supporters even as they await a possible by-election which he expressed confidence of winning yet again.

“I cannot say how happy I am that justice has been served to the people of Lamu West.The whole world now knows the truth which is that I was the one validly elected as MP.Let the by-election come because I am sure the victory will be all mine.We are going to be very alert lest our rivals try similar games like last time,”said Amana.

He warned the IEBC against trying any games in the forthcoming by election as said there is need for the exercise to be fair and transparent than the one of August 8 where “my win was dragged right from my mouth.

Residents emitted mixed reactions following the nullification of Muthama’s win.

“We voted for Amana in numbers and were surprised when all of a sudden it was Muthama winning.We are glad the courts have rendered justice.Lamu remains a NASA stronghold.We are so ready for that by-election,”said Ahmed Omar.

Susan Chege ,a grocer and ardent supporter of the Muthama administration said “I am not pleased at all.Muthama was already doing so much in terms of developments and we know that even Amana himself cant do a quarter of what Muthama has done in a year.

Is’haq Khatib said “I really couldn’t care less at the moment,let the by-election come and the deserving leaders win.Fullstop.