Underfunding affecting Lands ministry in executing mandate, says Muraguri

Lands PS Nicholas Muraguri. PHOTO: COURTESY.

Nairobi, KENYA: Underfunding has been said to be adversely affecting lands ministry and National Land Commission in executing their mandates.

Speaking after appearing before National Assembly lands committee on Thursday, Lands principal secretary Dr. Nicholas Muraguri said that the ministry has failed to implement some of its key mandates due to underfunding.

Dr. Muraguri said that last year the ministry had requested a standing budget amounting to 15 billion shillings from the treasury but it was allocated sh. 5.7 billion.

He said that Transport department in the ministry is the worst hit with a cash crunch, grounding its staff from executing their assigned responsibilities countrywide.

Underfunding factor is also a replica in the National land commission whereby in the 2017/2018 financial year the commission’s budget stood at sh five billion as per its request but it received sh 1.5 billion which is a reflection of 32 % of funds which were allocated to the commission.

“We request additional funding, with a budgetary allocation of 32 % we cannot be able to execute our mandate,” Swazuri said

He pointed that there are legislative overlaps which ought to be tackled to avert tussle between the two institutions arguing that the top leadership has resolved to work amicably despite challenges the institutions are going through.