It’s not Christmas until you spot one of these


If you have been in Mombasa long enough then you might have noticed a few trends that only crop up during the holiday.

If you are new to Mombasa be on the lookout for the following trends as some are guaranteed to leave you in stitches.


1.Painted Windows

Almost every building in the city has their windows painted in theme with Christmas. It is common to find glass doors at banks embezzled with mistletoe and a laughing, jolly, and white-bearded face that we have come to know as Santa. The funny thing is some even went up as early as the 14th of December.

2. Crazy Christmas Offers

If you have been staying at the coast you might have noticed that December is an “offer” month. If this is your first time then you will begin to notice that almost every resort and recreation bay has an offer. They coined the phrase using the tag “Christmas offer”. Some resorts even play around with discount offers so it is not rare to find a resort offering 25% off on certain packages. However, remember this is coasto. If you do enter these resorts and recreation places, any packages you want are conspicuously not ‘selected’ and the ‘selected’ packages are of no use. Perfect, right?

3. The increasing number of tourists

If you have done your rounds around the town, especially on the south coast likoni ferry, you will notice the increase on the number of people being ferried to the north and the south of the coast.

The same case within our public beaches where the number is increasing day by day.

Again when it comes to upcountry movement, People from all walks of life are lining up to get their seats and they have all manner of luggage with them. This is when you will see someone carrying live chicken, cushions, and a sofa set and load it at the roof of the bus. It is quite amusing.

4. Matching Dressed up Kids

Again this is a trend you will mostly see in the in coasto from first timers to visit coast as a family. You will see young kids marching down the streets with their mothers firmly holding their hands. These kids will all have the same matching shoes, shirts, a pair of trousers and haircut. This is the norm in coast and Kenya as a whole since everyone is used to the norm of getting brand new clothes for Christmas. It has been our thing. So seeing these young kids on the street is quite nostalgic for a seasoned tourist.