Top 25 affordable things to do in Mombasa during the festive season


It’s that time of the year when vistors from all corners of the world visit Mombasa to celebrate the festive season. Some people have misconceptions about Mombasa that it is a very expensive city to visit. However, that is not the case, there are a lot of affordable things to do and see in Mombasa.

I present to you more amazing and affordable things you can do in Mombasa without having to break an arm and a leg:

1.Explore Mombasa’s Old Town

Known for its heavy historical Arabic influence,its ancient buildings, amazing architecture with extravagant art designs that teleport you back in time. With various curio shops to choose from, one can get amazing antiques at affordable prices, not to mention unique ornaments, fabrics, fruits and vegetables at such an affordable price. A walk down old town is therapeutic in itself, with the sound of children laughing and playing along the narrow streets.

2. Visit Fort Jesus

The fort jesus Museum in Mombasa PHOTO :FILE

The fort was built in 1593 by the Portuguese, but later used by the Arabs as torture rooms, prison cells where slaves were kept in captivity before being shipped away. Now a museum, that is open daily for a small fee. You can also make reservations for dinner accompanied by a sound and light show weekly.

3. Enjoy Nature at Its Peak at Haller Park

Formerly known as Bamburi Nature Trails, Haller Park is ideal for cycling, jogging, nature trails while inhaling nature in all its beauty. With various options to choose from, such as the Game Sanctuary, Reptile Park, Butterfly Sanctuary and bird watching. For only 300-500 Kshs one can take a leisure walk through lush forests, lakes, streams and plantation and get to be at one with nature.

4. Nguuni Nature Sanctuary Adventures

A great place for having a cold drink as you light a campfire, tucked away in the bush while watching the sunset and only had to drive a few miles from Bamburi to enjoy this! Nguuni reserve has giraffes, ostriches, waterbucks and different species of birds to watch while you enjoy your BBQ. For a very affordable amount, you can book a fixed table, bring your own food and drinks as they provide the fire and grill for you while you sit back and enjoy the sunset.

5. Mamba Village Tour

Situated in Nyali, Mamba Village is one of Africa’s largest crocodile farms. With daily tours along the farm and a separate playground for kids to enjoy when they get bored with the tour, makes the farm ideal for a weekend plan, the highlight of the tour is the feeding time when all the blood-thirsty crocodiles fight for food!

6. Head to Go-Kart

Not only home to beautiful beaches, Mombasa has a unique Go-Kart with an African charm to it. Located along Malindi road, just a few miles away from Haller Park, lies Go-Kart with state of the art timing system, as you drive under palm trees with camels, donkeys and turtles off the track. You can also opt for the off- road track where you can hire and drive beach buggies along the beach, while the younger kids explore the excavator park inside the vicinity.

7. Photograph the Mombasa Tusks & Take a Stroll in the Nearby Park

Landmark Tusks in the City of Mombasa. PHOTO: BARAKA FM.

Situated on Moi Avenue, not much to see or do apart from taking goofy photos while grappling the famous tusks that form an M- shape to show everyone you were in Mombasa. Right opposite the tusks though, there’s a park where one can take a stroll while munching on some baobab seeds (Mabuyu).

8. Spend an Afternoon at Mama Ngina Drive

The perfect place to enjoy the Indian Ocean breeze, get a glimpse of ships, coming and leaving the country, the scenic drive at the southern end of the island leading to Kilindini Harbour or if you reach there early enough, get to capture amazing sunrises. There are various restaurants to choose from or nibble away on cassava chips while you soak the enchanting view.

9. Stop in Jahazi Coffee House and Have a Coffee

Located in the heart of Old Town, this charming coffee house is ideal for one to savour snacks, while having a cuppa on a cool afternoon and enjoying the Swahili influence that this little coffee house has to offer for very affordable prices.

10. Try Swahili Dishes at Blue Room Restaurant
With so many affordable places to choose from, eating out in Mombasa is so affordable. With restaurants like Barka and Swahili Dishes that serve mouth-watering chicken biryani and pilau or if you prefer a quieter place Blue Room Restaurant located in the Central Business District comes in handy as well.

11. Go For a Boat Ride at Tudor Water-Sports and Restaurant
A restaurant with a lovely view of the ocean, tucked away in Tudor, not only can you enjoy a quiet meal by the sea, but you can hire a speedboat and go sightseeing. Boat rides are not so expensive if you hire one as a group and get to split the costs. Plus you can always pack a few snacks from the restaurant and beers while you cruise the afternoon away.