Kwale Women Rep blasts Coast Mps complaining over being sidelined

Kwale Woman Representative Zuleikha Hassan. PHOTO: COURTESY.

Nairobi, KENYA: A section of Orange Democratic Movement legislators from Coast region have blasted their counterparts from the area who are threatening to quit the opposition coalition NASA for being sidelined in the Parliamentary leadership positions.

Led by Kwale Women rep Zuleikha Hassan during the media briefing at parliamentary buildings on Monday, they said that the MPs who were dropped on such positions did not provide the much-needed value to the coalition in the legislative house.

“I am condemning assertion by a section of coastal MPs’ a that the NASA coalition is sidelining the coastal MPs on parliamentary slots, but I say mistakes were made by themselves or ourselves.Because it is incorrect to fight over such posts we were not strategic and there was no unity in the push for the slots.”Zuleikha said

Zuleikha dared the disgruntled MPs to quit the party warning them against dragging the name of NASA leader Raila Odinga into the controversy, insisting that their failure to clinch into such positions was due to lack of aggressiveness.

She noted that Malindi women rep Aisha Jumwa was selected into the parliamentary service commission hence the talk that leaders from the coast region were sidelined is baseless.

“It is not that we missed everything, we got the parliamentary service commission seat which was given to Aisha Jumwa,” Zuleikha said.

In the recent days, a section of legislators from the coast led by Msambweni legislator Suleiman Dori complained that they have been sidelined by the NASA leadership on appointment of key leadership positions in parliament especially the chief whip post which was given to Suna east legislator Junet Mohammed. insisting that all parliamentary slots in ODM were unfairly given to MPs from one region.