Terror suspect killed in Likoni

Police put the body of the late Ali Hamisi Mzomo who was shot dead in Likoni after being suspected to be a terrorist.PHOTO:WELDON KEMBOI

Mombasa, KENYA: A Terror suspect has been gunned down in a shootout with police in Ujamaa area likoni Mombasa county.

The suspect identified as Ali Hamisi Mzomo alias Mure was gunned down in his house at 3:36 am Friday, according to his wife.

The family said the suspect has been away for the last two years and when he was asked where he was he alleged to be in Tanzania doing businesses.

More than 50 armed police officers stormed his house at 3 am while others surrounded the compound.

He was shot three times in the legs and one in the head, his wife Mwanajuma Hamisi told Baraka FM.

“We were woken up by a loud bang on the door my husband tried to intervene but people from outside responded saying they were officers, she said her husband came back and into the room and tried to escape from the window but there were many others armed outside who had surrounded the compound,” she said.

Ms. Mwajuma said she has lived with her husband for only six months, and she heard only from relatives that he was away for two years, but his whereabouts remained anonymous.

“About 15 armed officers in civilian came inside the house, they had masks you couldn’t tell who they were, they wrestled with my husband but when my husband resisted they shot him three times on the leg, ” she said.

She added that they also took away his phone, Identity Card and unknown amount of money,

“I heard one of the officers telling him, you think you were smart!now you are back and today you can’t escape, after he was shot in the legs, he asked for cold water but the officers barred us from giving him, he was shot in the head outside the veranda and his voice went down we didn’t hear from him again,” she added.

Her sister Sophia Mwinyi told Baraka FM his brother was secretive and could not share any information with anyone.

She confirmed that his brother had told them he was in Tanzania doing some business but he didn’t reveal what kind of business.

“When he came back we tried to interrogate him but he could not reveal the business he was doing,” she said.

Likoni police boss Benjamin Rotich confirmed the incident to Baraka FM saying investigations were underway to reveal the kind of person he was.

“We can confirm there was a shootout but it’s not our officers who carried out the incident, we have gone to the scene and we are yet to find who the deceased was,” said police boss.