Likoni elders call for extension of amnesty period for criminal gangs to surrender


Mombasa, KENYA: Likoni elders have appealed to top security bosses to extend the amnesty period issued for criminal gangs to be extended.

The elders on Thursday after having an emergency meeting said they have reports from police that 200 suspected criminal gangs of watalia wajuku wa bibi and wakalikwanza have been forwarded to police following an outcry from members of public.

In September, Mombasa county commissioner Evans Achoki held a security meeting in Celtel likoni and asked the security bosses to deal with the suspects who have wrecked havoc in the area.

They said the amnesty is coming to an end on 17 December and they fear police will take “unknown” action against the suspects.

The elders led by chair Genge Abdalla said a special force has been formed in Likoni to execute the gang members.

“It is not business as usual, we have crucial reports and this is why we have called an emergency meeting of which after that we are going to meet the DCC,” said Mr. Abdallah.

“We have reports that they are 200 members who are on police watch but according to our statistics, they are over 1000.If police use force against this youths we are going to lose as parents,” he added.

He said they have contacted the area deputy county commissioner to give them more time so that they will go door to door looking for the suspects to surrender to police.

Last Saturday, over 60 members of criminal gangs slashed three people killing one in Jamvi la Wageni area in likoni.

One man has since been amputated after he was wounded by the gang members who were armed with machetes and other crude weapons.

He said they will ask for two more weeks which they will use to sensitize and warn the youths who have joined the gangs.

Police shot and killed one suspected member in Soweto area in Likoni after a foiled attack on police who were on patrol.

The criminal gangs target security agencies and women with most of them aged 13 and 20 are said to be hooked on drugs.