Tanzanian singer Ferooz distances himself from drug abuse

Tanzanian singer Ferooz PHOTO COURTESY

Legendary Tanzanian singer Ferooz famed for the ‘Starehe’ hit back in the 2000’s has distanced himself from claims that he is hooked to hard drugs that have affected his musical career.

The singer who is rarely seen in the public eye and who announced a comeback earlier in the year shunned the reports saying he was ready to undergo tests to confirm he was  clean.

“Sijawahi kutumia dawa za kulevya na kama kuna mtu yeyote anayeshupalia hicho kitu na ana uhakika anaweza kuweka dua tuende tukaangalie tuakikishe, kama natumia sawa atakuwa ameshinda na jamii imejua .Kama nitaonekana situmii niondoke na dua na jamii itakuwa imeshajua situmii kitu kama hicho”

(I have never used drugs if anyone has proof let him come I will swear and take me for a test and if it proves that I am he/she will have disputed my claim and if it turns out I am the society will know.But if I am not abusing anything I will just leave as the society knows am not using drugs).

This remark disputes earlier remarks made by the singer earlier in the year where he was quoted saying that drugs had taken control of his life.

Several Tanzanian artistes including Ray-c, Nando and Chidi Benz have in the past confessed to being hooked to drugs.

Here is a video of Feeroz during his heydays.