Uhuru Kenyatta leading in Tana River county

President Uhuru Kenyatta during a previous campaign in Tononoka Mombasa. PHOTO: COURTESY.

Tana River,KENYA: Mr.Uhuru Kenyatta is leading in a landslide in the repeat polls in Tana River County after garnering 25,112 votes in three constituencies in the county.

While in the lead, NASA flag bearer Mr. Raila Odinga face a disastrous downfall in the polls as he got 701 votes becoming second in the race.

Other candidates got 468 votes altogether in the said constituencies, Bura, Garsen and Galole.

Mr. Kenyatta victory in the constituencies overturn his seven colleagues after emerging the winner with thousands votes, of which the number of his votes was out of over 118,000 registered number of voters in the county.

The Kenyatta victory resembles 21 percent of the total number of registered voters in those zones.

In Bura, Mr. Kenyatta got 8,095 votes while Raila got 209 votes as others get less than 300 votes out of total valid votes cast of 8,404 votes.In Galole the two major contenders got 6,277 votes and 214 votes respectively.

In Garsen Mr. Kenyatta garnered more votes of 10,740 votes while Mr. Raila Odinga got 278 votes.

For some years, Bura has been seen as Jubilee stronghold led by area parliamentary member Mr. Ali Wario, that means its turnout was beyond that for Galole.

Furthermore, Garsen has been viewed as bilateral. This is because of the fact that former governor Mr. Hussein Dado resides in the area leading strengthening Jubilee powers as he was no longer NASA supporter.

Also the farming community in the Delta has been divided politically following a push from a former Mp who is also a lawyer Mr.Danson Buya Mungatana in the region from Ngao in Garsen south; this means farmers can be largely divided to serve two masters (NASA and Jubilee) which has already been witnessed in the repeat poll.

Mungatana followers would directly behind Jubilee and those behind the county governor Dhadho Godhana would be go for NASA as well but this does not imply to pastoralists.

Pastoralists do rely mostly on their leaders and are easily engage in sweet talks to move as a block politically.

However farmers majorly have been NASA supporters unlike pastoralists who were behind former governor Mr. Hussein Dado and Galole MpMr. Hassan Dukicha who have been campaigning for Jubilee vigorously towards this poll and who (Mr. Dukicha) in the poll served as Chief agent for Jubilee.

Tana River County farming communities mostly have been behind the county governor Mr. Dhadho Godhana who won the seat through ODM ticket in the last general election of eighth August.

Mr. Godhana previously said that there was no need of having any repeat poll while Mr. Dado was insisting that the election were to be held as ruled the Supreme Court.

Mr. Dado meant it, he struggled maximally in making sure his Jubilee party wins the race before it was too late for Mr. Kenyatta to be announced.

In Galole, bigger turnouts were mostly from the pastoral polling stations in Wayu ward.

There were308 polling stations across the Tana River County, with Galole having 94, Bura 101 and Garsen 113 stations.

Generally, the exercise got lesser turnout all cross the county while polling stations with over 2000 recording poor votes cast as lower as below 15 percent.

Polling stations like Laza Primary, Hola Primary and Rafiki Primary in Hola town and Garsen primary in Garsen town are the among the major stations with highest number of registered voters.

It was a surprise when Baraka Fm visited the polling stations which had recorded the highest turnout in August election only to see a few rows, a turnout that would relate to less than 15 percent.

Some stations even lacked voters, for instance Vukoni polling station in the riverine zones where farmers dwell most.