We won’t allow you to plunge Kenya into chaos again, President Kenyatta to opposition

President Uhuru Kenyatta PHOTO COURTESY

NAIROBI,  (PSCU) — President Uhuru Kenyatta today said Kenyans should stand up and reject leaders who are scheming to plunge the country into chaos.

The President said the Government will not tolerate chaos disguised as exercise of freedoms to create suffering in the country.

He said those calling for some Kenyans to stay away from the polls were against the ideals that the country’s forefathers struggled and died for.

Leading Kenyans in celebrating Mashujaa Day, President Kenyatta said Kenya has a Constitution that guarantees many rights but it was saddening that those freedoms are being used to perpetuate impunity and create anarchy.

He said Kenya has had a second peaceful election since 2007 and that the Government will not allow a repeat of the painful past where lives and properties were lost.

“We vowed never to repeat the regrettable events that almost sunk us. We must, therefore, wake up and say “NO” to any misleading leader out to plunge Kenya into chaos. Kenyans have the choice and means of resisting such leaders and their evil schemes, and should do it now,” said the President in his address from Uhuru Park, Nairobi.

He said Kenya needs to move forward and away from the unending campaign mood.

The President called on Kenyans to exercise their democratic right on October 26 to defend their inalienable right to vote for the leader of their choice.

The Head of State said the Government is ready to counter any threats to national security during and after the October 26 fresh Presidential election.

He said the security apparatus has been enhanced and appropriately deployed to maintain law and order.

“The law will apply equally to all regardless of social class, political position and no one will be spared. For those who thrive in chaos and relish anarchy, your days are numbered; the law will take its course and sanction you accordingly,” said the President.

He thanked Kenyans for showing maturity and peacefully electing leaders of their choice in the August 8 General Election.

He said Kenyans chose to remain peaceful, allowing democracy to prevail despite all forms of incitement targeted at the majority.

The President called for peace as the country heads to the fresh election, which was ordered by the Supreme Court after the nullification of the August 8 Presidential election result.

He said voting for leaders of the people’s choice is a right that was hard won by the country’s forefathers, which should be guarded jealously.

The President warned opposition leaders who are intimidating the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission in a bid to prevent it from holding the election.

“To those threatening and intimidating the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC), its staff and other entities, this must cease forthwith.  We must trust, nurture and safeguard our institutions to enable them to grow and perform their functions,” said the President.

The President said even though the Constitution guarantees the right to demonstrate peacefully, that right is guaranteed only for those operating within the confines of the law. “As a modern state, Kenya must be guided by the rule of law,” said the President.

The President said he has personally shown his respect for the law by accepting the annulment of his clear victory and subsequently offering himself for re-election.

He urged Kenyans to vote for him so that his Government can continue with its transformational development projects.

He said his Administration’s track record during its first are visible for all, adding that the Jubilee Government has set higher targets for the next five years.

The Jubilee manifesto has outlined ambitious targets including the provision of free day secondary education for which the government has allocated Sh25 billion.

He called on Kenyans to turn out in large numbers to exercise their democratic and Constitutional right to vote on October 26.

“Your vote will be your contribution to the dream of our forefathers for a peaceful and prosperous Kenya.  True Kenyan heroes will cast their votes on 26th this month.  This is the only way we can make Kenya great and guarantee a great future for our children,” said the President.

The President also announced that the Government will soon set up a Heroes Council, which will be responsible for identifying and coming up with solutions to issues of welfare and support to our heroes and heroines.

The Head of State also celebrated heroes including Mary Mokaya, who  at the cost of her life, saved fellow students from the Moi Girls’ fire.

“May God rest her soul and that of her colleagues, in eternal peace.  And may her name and her example of selflessness, be a shining example to us all,” said the President.

Deputy President William Ruto said the right to choose leaders is a right that cannot be taken away from Kenyans.

He said Kenyans will vote in huge numbers on Thursday next week to choose the President of their choice. “We go to the ballot next week to defend our right to choose and respect the will of the people,” said the DP.