Meet Kenya’s fastest rising boy band

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT:Ken Mwendwa, Fidel Eli Shammah, and Abe Kiptanui and Joel Maina of the Le Band boy band. PHOTO: COURTESY.

Le Band is a boy band,  made up of four cute lads namely Abraham, Ken, Joel and Fidel! They came to the spot light with their Hit song Number one which they featured Suzziah, an upcoming  female artist from Nairobi known for her amazing vocals.

Le Band, based in Nairobi, has been around for three years now. They met in 2011, started singing in High School as a part of  an acapella group.

You literally get goosebumps while listening to this boy band.

Baraka FM’s Nancy Wawasi had a one on one with the group. Below is the interview:


NW: Your new song. It’s amazing! What’s the story behind it?

LB: Oh yes! Our new jam is called ‘Leo’, also known as ‘Mututho’. It’s from a new dance challenge we’re about to introduce called ‘Wamututho Challenge.’ Different from our expected sound, ‘Leo’ is a club banger.

NW: What inspired the new sound?

LB: Our need to do music, of course inspired us to write this jam. We are an eclectic band and we like to think of ourselves as pop stars, so we  do any genre. We also wanted to give people a jam they can dance to, in the club and wherever they might be.

NW: Thinking of any collabo with an artist from the Coast?

LB: We would love to have a collabo with someone from the Coast because it is a new and different market. It’s something we would love to.

NW:Anyone in mind?

LB: We would love to work with people who are young and hungry for success. Growing up, we really liked Cannibal. No lie, his Lil Wayne looks led to this because we all loved Weezy. Another person of course, would be Ali B. Jukwaa the Band are our good friends, we’d love to work with them as well.

NW: Fidel has a new look. What’s up with the blonde beard?

LB: My blonde beard (chuckles) I’m a very expressive person and love doing it in different ways. I currently have locks, and I’d experimented the mohawk before, so for something new, I told the boys about dying my beard. So they’re all like oooh eka a safe color, and I’m like no,I want a screaming color. I’ll go blonde on ’em.

We’re artists, mbona tujishikilie na sisi ndio wasanii.(laughs)

NW: So, are you guys single?

LB: Abraham is in a relationship . Ken, Joel and Fidel single.

NW: Anything Mombasa fans should expect?

LB:Yes, lots. We’re working on a tour. Details coming soon!


Below is their hit song Number One official video: