Zari threatens to sue Diamond after he confesses fathering Hamisa’s baby

Zari, Diamond and Hamisa PHOTO COURTESY

Seems more drama is rocking the Chibu residence.

Just before the dust had settled on reports of Diamond cheating on Zari with Namibian businesswoman Dillish Mathews, photos of Diamond with his alleged baby mama Hamisa Mobeto cuddling in bed  surfaced in the internet.

Hamisa who had opened an instagram account for his son named Abdul Naseeb which are the real names of Diamond platnumz later confirmed that Diamond had fathered her baby.

On Tuesday in an interview with Clouds FM Tanzania, Diamond confirmed that he had indeed sired Hamisa’s son

“Mimba ni yangu na sitokaa nikaachana na Zari,” (Yes I am the a father  but that does not mean I am going to divorce Zari) Diamond said.

Diamond also said he had been taking care of Hamisa since he learnt that she was expecting his child but blasted out at the video vixen saying she was out to look for fame using his name.

Diamond cited, Hamisa’s act of naming the baby Abdul Naseeb after him and inviting his biological father to the baby’s 40th day celebrations as an act to look for fame using his name.

The Bongo singer accused the video vixen of leaking photos of his mother and aunt visiting her in hospital after she gave birth

“Nilimwomba mama yangu aende akamwangalie mtoto ingawa hakuwa amefurahishwa na tukio zima, nilimwambia mama yule ni mtoto wangu hana jinsi inabidi tu akamwangalielakinialipokwenda mwenzangu aliwaita watu wampige picha na baadaye alidhalilishwa,” (I requested my mother to visit the newborn although she was not happy with the whole fiasco I convinced her to because he is my baby but when she went she called photographers to the hospital) “Diamond said

Diamond also explained that he had talked things over with Zari over the matter and she understood since she had no offence in the matter .

This seems to irk Zari who threatened to sue Diamond on grounds of defamation as the interview was going on through a post on snapchat.

“Hahahaha unajidanganya, unasema uongo kuhusu mimi kujua kuhusu michepuko yako, malizana na balaa ulilolianzisha. Mimi kunyamaza haimaanishi ni mpumbavu. Kuwa makini na maneno yako.” (Haha you are lying to yourself saying lies about me know about your escapades, please finish what you started and being silent does not mean that am stupid but be keen on your words” wrote Zari

“Inawezekana mimi ni mama wa watoto wako ndio maana nimeamua kunyamaza kimya. Labda ugoogle kuhusu ‘defamation of character law suit’,(Maybe the reason am silent is because I am your baby mama but you might to google about defamation suit) Zari added on snapchat.

This drama comes just a fews days after Zari wrote that she was tired of trying to force Diamond to confess that he had sired Hamisa’s baby.