Lusaka pledges to realize devolution as senate speaker


Nairobi,KENYA:Senate speaker elect Kenneth Lusaka has pledged to ensure make sure that  the realization of devolution is achieved as devolution speaker.

Speaking at parliamentary buildings after being elected Lusaka said that following the fact that the senate is a legislation house for counties ,as a speaker he will champion for the realization of devolution that has been rocked with challenges.

“Senate was inaugurated in March 2013 as established in the 2010 constitution, primarily to oversee the implementation of the devolved system of governance.”Lusaka said

“Devolution as a novel developmental model was meant to ensure balanced, equitable and just development in all the regions of Kenya. I can submit without fear of contradiction that, so far it is working.”He added

He said that the senate will strive to strengthen the capacities of the senators to update their skills , expertise and ensure they acquire requisite parliamentary exposure to enable them handle complex and new frontiers of legislative and public affairs.

He urged governors and senator to work together and avoid instances of confrontation so as to serve Kenyans and foster unity across the country.

Mr Lusaka, with the backing of Jubilee Party senators, the majority in the House, got 42 votes out of the 67 that were cast.

Former National Assembly Deputy Speaker Farah Maalim came second with 25 votes.

The vote went into the second round after none of the six candidates garnered the mandatory two-thirds of the total vote, 45 out of 67, required to be declared winner.

In the first round, Mr Lusaka garnered 40 votes as Mr Maalim managed 23.