Mwembe tayari market traders want the market renovated

The Mwembe tayari market in Mombasa PHOTO COURTESY

Traders at Mwembe Tayari market are urging  the Mombasa county government to renovate the market  which was gutted down by fire over 14  years ago.

The market chairperson Nancy Mamita,  on Friday told Baraka FM  that for a very long time they had been discriminated by the county government.

“We urge our governor to try and   build us a good market, since this market is in the  town centre and since  fire razed it, it has never been renovated.”Said Nancy.

Nancy  complained that despite the market being in a horrible condition, they were paying a lot of levies to the county government.

The market that was once a hub of activity in Mombasa has been reduced mere building that cannot compared to other Markets like Majengo and Mackinnon.