60% of Tana River county leaders lose their seats

Tana River governor Mr. Hussein Dado left, Bura Mp Mr. Ali Wario in uniform center and Galole MP Mr. Hassan Dukicha in uniform right, during their Jubilee rally at Bura town. PHOTO COURTESY

Tana River,KENYA: 60% of the leaders in the county has twenty one (21) political seats; Governor, Senator, Woman representative, three parliamentary members and fifteen (15) ward representatives lost their seats in the just concluded polls.

Of the twenty one seats, only nine (9) retained their positions as the county welcomes a new and second government with twelve new servants  from the last regime.

It is a turn over, as the top most county political leaders lost theirseats to a new team in the 8th August general election which will beunder governor elect Hon. Dhadho Godhana who is to be sworn in on 21st August.

Tana River county governor Amb. Hussein Tuneya Dado painfully lost his position to one of his opponents, governor elect Major (Rtd.) Dhadho Godhana with a difference of almost 1500 votes.

Mr. Dhadho garnered 25,958 votes followed by governor Dado with 24,466 votes while former county assembly speaker Dr. Nuh Nassir Abdi who was among the main three contenders got 21,677 votes, former Garsen MP Danson Buya Mungatana 11,339 votes and Ismail Jilo Algi former CEC finance in the governor Dado regime got 4,193 votes.

Tana River senator Mr. Ali Abdi Bule was beaten far by senator elect Mr. Golicha Juma Wario with a difference of 16,697 votes.

The senatorial seat had attracted 12 candidates; Mr. Golicha Juma Wario the senatorial race winner garnered 21,573, Mr. Michael Justin Nkaduda 20,799, Mr. Molu Galgalo Shambaro 19,365, Mr. Maur Bwanamaka 9,672 votes, Mr. Ali Abdi Bule 4,876 votes, Mr. Barako Hantiro 2,680 votes,

Mr. Bakari Garise 2,106 votes, Mr. Mohamed Maro Odha 1,711 votes, Mr. Omar Kofa Komora 1,425 votes, Mr. James Mwangi 1,324 votes, Mr. Wako 537 votes, Mr. Madobe Bile 521 votes.

The seat for woman representative attracted 10 candidates; Ms. Rehema Hassan who led the candidacy race with 22,380 votes followed by Mrs Saadia Hussein Sangu 16,261 votes, Halima Ware Duri who held the seat for a five year term garnered 11,272 votes, Amina Nuria 10,976 votes, Mohamed Rukia Abdi 6,855 votes, Saadia Koro 5,206 votes, Alfet Abio Mumbo 4,825 votes, Hadhidha Melisa Nkondo 3,798 votes, Jele Maryanoon Mohamed 2,820 votes and Soba Zainabu Zam Zam 2,605 votes.

In the parliamentary seat, only one member survived. Mr. Ali Wario for Bura constituency retained his position as his colleagues Hon. Hassan Dukicha for Galole and Ibrahim Sane for Garsen defenselessly lost their seats to new MPs elects Mr. Said Buya Hribae and Ali Wario Guyo respectively.

In the race, out of 15 ward representatives only eight members of the Tana River county assembly will re-sit on the brown coloured chairs.

Members who lost their seats are: In Bura constituency; Hon. Harun Hassan – Chewele ward, Hon. Daudi Galdesa – Hirimani ward. In Galole; Hon. Maka Baru Jarso – Wayu ward, former deputy speaker Hon. Salim Mohamed Aribicho – Chewani ward, Hon. Johnson Dhadho Hiribae – Kinakomba.

In Garsen; Hon. Mahamud Gabo – Garsen West ward, Hon. Hussein Gobu Godana – Garsen South ward.

The county assembly will be moved by eight survivors and seven new members ; Bura constituency; Hon. Ibrahim Sala – Bangale ward (retained), Hon. Ismail Kodobo – Hirimani ward, Hon. Abdi Gobu Erigamso – Madogo ward (retained), Hon. Yusuf Sirigiso Shekala –Chewele ward, Hon. Fauzia Hachewele Sadik – Sala ward (retained).

In Galole constituency; Hon. Mohamed Buya Yusa – Mikinduni ward (retained), Hon. Sauda Maiya Loda – Chewani ward, Hon. Galole Sadam Hussein – Wayu ward, Hon. Sammy Malibe – Kinakomba ward.

In Garsen constituency; Hon. Dela Boru Masha – Garsen central ward (retained) Hon. Bonaya Omar Salim – Garsen North ward, Hon. Mahamud Gabo – Garsen West ward (retained), Hon. Rhoda Katisha Raha – Garsen

South ward, Hon. Samuel Manase Guyo – Kipini East ward (retained) and Hon. Musa Wario Shura – Kipini West ward (retained).

Most of the MCAs in the county had defected to Jubilee party and its affiliates. Jubilee party cancelled its nomination in the county to protect leaders who had defected with governor Dado. Mr. Dado was a direct nominee as Danson Buya Mungatana was forced out of the party which as a result he decided to enter a KPP wedlock after his interest to get a ANC ticket denied by his elders panel which did not want to get out of the Jubilee party.

Gubernatorial position was very tough among the three main contenders;Mr. Hussein Tuneya Dado, Dhadho Godhana and Nuh Nassir Abdi.

The three members represented the major tribes in the county. Mr Hussein Dado from Orma, Godhana for Pokomo and Nuh for Wardei communities.

Mr. Dado was among the witnesses of the certified ceremony of Mr. Godhana at Mau Mau Girls which was the county tallying center.

Seemingly, Mr. Dado sadly shook hands with the elect wearing an outward light smile followed by a grief facial expression.

Governor Dado had already rejected the results, saying some of his votes had not been reflected in the systems.

“Some of my votes from 30 polling stations were not added and those could take me to somewhere, I think one of the ICT officers could have Rigged me out,” said Mr. Dado.

During the issuance of certificates to race winners, county returning officer Mr. Mohamed Gonjobe Raka told those who had complaints regarding the election to take them to court.

He insisted to one of the Wiper party agents that he could not interfere with figures brought to him from the constituency level.

“According to the law at this point nothing I can be changed, so anybody with claims that can be done by the court,” Mr. Raka affirmed.

Some leaders like woman representative Ms. Halima Ware and Senator Ali Bule neither witnessed tallying process nor were they  heard complaining of the results.

Residents in the county had doubts on the re-election of the  three top leaders; people had already planned to kick out Ms. Ware and Mr. Bule who allegedly did not perform their duties well.

Among the top three county seats, Mr. Dado was the only leader who did competitive campaigns to make sure he retains his seat.

Another one was Mr. Dukicha the Mp for Galole who was publicly known that he would have a very tough time retaining his seat after the Pokomo community  who are the majority in Galole constituency  nominated Said Buya Hiribae alias Said Posta as their next member of parliament.