Eric Omondi lands job at Cartoon network sister station


Kenyan comedian Eric Omondi has landed a new job at Boomerang TV; a sister station to Cartoon network.

In a promotional video posted by DSTV on Youtube, Eric has teamed up with South African comedian Tumi Morake to do imitations of animal sounds to bring out emotions and  to bring hilarious view on the imagination of viewers.

The show that has been dubbed “The Safari show” will premier on 17th July on channel 302 on DSTV.

According to DSTV, the show will consist of one minute short scripted  clips where the animals will be voiced by either Morake or Omondi.

“Here on the Safari Comedy Show, anything is possible. Not only can the animals rap, dance and talk like humans, but they can play games on their mobile phones too, in fact these animals are not so different from humans at all. From playing with their friends, to fighting with their siblings you will learn that there is an animal in Africa, just like you!” Reads a statement on the DSTV website.

According to officials from Turner broadcasting which owns Boomerang, the show is one of its kind that shows their commitment to produce content relevant to Africans.