Drama as residents chant “Unga” during Jubilee rally in Kilifi

President Uhuru addressing Kilifi residents during the Jubilee rally on Thursday. PHOTO: DAVID NGUMBAO.

Kilifi, KENYA: Jubilee party’s coast tour hit a stumbling block in Kilifi as Unga chants turned to be the greeting to the party’s presidential candidate Uhuru Kenyatta and his running William Ruto in Kilifi town.

Residents had flocked the Karisa Maitha sports grounds on Thursday, laying their hopes to the president to assure them of the availability of the GOK maize flour.

The residents have been crying foul over the scarcity of the significant commodity to the residents of the county, who get a little of it at higher prices or none regardless of the brand on the packets.

Things started to go sour when Kilifi North Member of parliament who is vying for Kilifi county gubernatorial seat, took to the podium to praise the national government for reducing the prices of maize flour from the hiked price of shs. 150 to sh. 90.

It was at this juncture when the crowed rose to their voices chanting Unga every minute Mung’aro called for order.

‘Harambee’, Mung’aro could say, expecting a positive reply of ‘Jubilee’ but instead could hear the reply of ‘Unga’.

The residents even became more hostile to the leaders as even the deputy president William Ruto got the same sentiments when he mentioned the party’s motto.

He later threw the ball to the president’s court to answer the public outcry.

To the residents’ surprise when President Uhuru Kenyatta took to the podium, he snubbed the topic and conveyed on other issues leaving them with more questions than answers on the commitment of the national government to its people.

Kilifi County has been missing the so called GOK maize flour since its introduction to the market by the government.

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On Tuesday, religious leaders called on leaders to ensure the cheap maize flour is available in the entire county.