Bahati makes a suprising announcement about his  girlfriend

Singer Bahati PHOTO FILE

Gospel singer Bahati has revealed his plans with his prayer partner girlfriend Diana Marua.

Through his social media pages, the singer who  recently visited his marternal grandfather revealed that she was planning to wed Diana .

The singer revealed that he took Diana to meet his marternal grandfather  so that he could get his blessings.

“After So Many Days of Prayer #PrayerPartners – I took her to my GrandpA Aniambie kama ako Sawa Tufanye harusi ? GUESS WHAT GRANDPA SAID?” The singer wrote.

A screenshot of the post by BAHATI
A screenshot of the post by BAHATI

Bahati’s visit to his grandpa came just a few days after a facebook user accused him of neglecting his grandfather who is aged over 100 years.

“Kindly or for God’s sake support your grandfather first before you support others, he needs you more than anyone else. Hata kama Hata kama hakukusaidia chochote unafaa kumsaidia.

Toa boriti liliko kwa jicho lako kabla hujatoa la wengine. Hivi unadhania mungu haoni unavyomtenga babu yako?

If you truly have the love of your late mom left in you then huyu mzee needs love and care.

Its shameful of you. You are enjoying life in Nairobi while your grandpa is suffering in the village,”  The user had written in a Facebook post that has since gone viral.