Welcome to Mombasa but keep off our ladies, hints Joho to Ruto


Mombasa, KENYA: In a statement which seems to take a sly dig on Deputy President William Ruto, Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho welcomed Jubilee leaders in Mombasa but urged ladies from the region to keep off from them.

Addressing the media on Tuesday, where he was responding to drug allegations against him, Joho said it’s of benefit to the County for leaders to visit Mombasa since it boosts the tourism sector.

However, his only and worth giving advice to the ladies in the region, is not to dare come close to places where leaders of the opposite gender affiliated to Jubilee are ‘for the reason known by every Kenyan’ .

‘’Welcome to Mombasa any day you feel like, your visit helps to promote business in the county, our hotels get booked and business stakeholders reap from that,’’

‘’The only thing we can tell our young ladies is to keep off places where they are, because of the reasons the whole country knows,’’ he joked.

This comes as  Deputy President William Ruto was recently was taken to court by a lady accusing him of child negligence.

Meanwhile, Governor Joho also claimed the government is plotting to block him from defending his seat in the coming August 8 elections.

Joho alleged that he is aware  of a certain “Authority” that has threatened to revoke a license of a certain local University should it failed to cancel his degree.

‘’I know what they did in Kampala University, I’m aware they have recorded a statement with one of the University I went to aiming to tarnish by papers,’’ he alleged.