TAMA: Let me rock my short hair style in peace!


Lately I have been hearing all sorts of stories about girls with short hair.

Some have even labelled them as “washamba” have you ever heard of search crazy stereotypes? It is said that girls with short hair don’t care about their “appearance” how true is this?

Some have even gone ahead to associate short hair with lesbianism, unfashionable  trends ( guess they are living in a world of their own, haven’t they heard of Lupita Nyong’o?)

I remember one day it was around 1:00 pm and as usual we were having lunch at “mama nitilie” when two ladies passed by and a man who sat next to me  immediately commented on their looks.

Huyu msichana kuna wezekano yeye na mwenzake ni wasagaji “ (There is a great possibility that this lady and her friend are lesbians.)

His colleague also joined the talk saying “aah pengine amekosa sponsor wakumuangalilia ndo maana kakapiga cut”. (Maybe they don’t have people who can take care of them that is why they have decided to cut their hair.)

Enough with all these stereotypes! Do people really know the benefits of having short hair???!

Short hair is just a hair style like any other; it’s simple to take care of  and makes one stand out.

Some of the benefits include:

Its low maintenance
Can you imagine how many salon visits you will be saving just by having short hair ( You all know how expensive it can get just to get your hair done!)

Hair dries much quicker than when it was long

You don’t have to take so much time  drying your hair; within few mins of washing your done and you are good to go! Taking a swim at the beach and at the pools has never been this stress free!

Last but not least, with the weather here in Mombasa, you really need the breeze on your neck!

So next time you see me with  short hair! Instead of judging me! Kindly do me a favor and educate yourself!

Short hair is equal to freedom!