IG orders GSU camps set up inside Lamu school premises to vacate


Lamu, KENYA: The national government has directed the transfer of security camps that had been set up inside school premises in the Linda Boni operation zones to be moved elsewhere to enable for learning to take place in the institutions.

Since 2014, the Basuba and Kiangwe primary schools in Lamu East had been turned into police and GSU camps that were part of the security operation owing to their proximity and closeness to the operation zones.

Despite the re-opening of five schools amongst them Basuba,Milimani,Mangai,Mararani and Kiangwe primary schools that had been closed for over three years due to insecurity in Lamu East,the police camps continued with their operations from within the school premises much to the disgruntlement of parents in the areas.

However, during his recent tour to Lamu last Saturday,the Inspector General of police Joseph Boinnet ordered all camps within the two schools to be moved elsewhere soonest to allow for a convenient learning environment.

By Monday, the directive seemed to have already taken shape with military tractors seen clearing alternative sites where the police camps will be moved to.

Parents in Basuba ward have commended the IG the intervention terming it timely and appropriate.

“We are glad the IG has heard our plight.we were really wondering how our children could learn while sharing she same compound with gun wielding officers.it has been very uncomfortable but we are glad they are moving out now,”said Baishe Mohamed.