Baby dies after eating wild fruit as drought persists in Kilifi

A boy on top of a tree in search for world fruits in Bamba. photo:file

Kilifi, KENYA: A six months old baby from Ganze, Kilifi on Monday died after choking on a wild fruit known as Tundukula as famine continues to hit the county.

Speaking to Baraka FM,  Jonathan Kalama who is an uncle to the deceased, said that the seven-year-old brother took Lenis to the bush to look for wild fruits; due to the hunger in the area.

“The children decided to run to me after realizing the baby’s condition was worsening, but all the time they were holding him in the bush,I took the baby to Ganze Sub County hospital but unfortunately he died on the way,” said Kalama.

Willam Kitsao, the father to the deceased, said he left home early in the morning to do his charcoal business leaving the kids at home, only to realize that they had later on left the house.

“I left my children at home and went out in the forest where my charcoal was ready for sale. There after I went to look for market for my product so as to get some money for food,” said Kitsao.

“I was shocked to get a call from my brother telling me my child is dead in the forest. I left everything and rushed back home,” added Kitsao.

The citrus fruit has a huge seed at the centre and pulp and is dangerous for babies to eat without supervision.

This happens as hundreds of families in Ganze are still facing food shortage due to the ongoing drought that has affected most areas in Kilifi County.

Kilifi County Agriculture CEC Baha Nguma last week revealed that more than 200,000 residents have been affected by the drought.