Foreign herders banned from entering Lamu


Lamu, KENYA: Herders from neighboring counties have been warmed against bringing their livestock into Lamu county in search of pastures even as the drought persists.

Lamu county commissioner Joseph Kanyiri said there was a misleading notion that Lamu had greener pastures despite the ongoing drought and that as such herders from neighboring counties including Tana River,Garissa,Wajir and Kilifi had turned all their attention to Lamu and were bringing in large herds of livestock.

Kanyiri has warmed all herders to remain put in their counties and expressed worry over the growing number of foreign livestock coming in daily.

He said if the numbers aren’t contained,the situation could escalate conflicts between herders and farmers in Lamu.

The commissioner said his office will ensure foreign herders and their livestock don’t find their way into Lamu.

“We are faced with a difficult situation because of the drought; there is no pasture nor water, yet we have herders from neighboring counties who believe the situation in Lamu is better and have been flocking in. People must understand that even livestock owners in Lamu are equally frustrated.We don’t want them coming here and we shall ensure that,”said Kanyiri.

Kanyiri also urged Lamu herders to sell off part of the flocks in order to minimize on the losses from starvation due to drought.