Kenyans should be very keen not to be misled as elections approach, says Kiraithe

Government spokesman Eric Kiraithe. PHOTO: COURTESY.

Mombasa, KENYA: Government spokesman Erick Kiraithe has urged Kenyans to be keen and observant as the country heads to the general elections.

Speaking during a press briefing in Mombasa, Kiraithe said governments are elected for five years and are expected to exercise authority and legitimacy going by their capacity on how to progressively improve lives of the people.

“The fact that the jubilee government is implementing the vision 2030 which would otherwise remain a dream, is deliberate and it’s an aspect of good governance,” he said.

Kiraithe said the government projects are meant to serve every locality and it is a pity that citizens in some counties have to endure governors who want to introduce new projects to get credit.

“The idea that you should start projects so that they become attributed to you is not only myopic it is unfortunate thinking and it refuses the exercise of state authority whether at county or national level to the wimps of an individual, countries do not develop like that,” he added.

He further urged the youth and politicians to resist the temptation of using drugs and drug money to destroy the future of the youth so as to get political mileage.

“If you are not working as a politician don’t be used as a heckler, don’t give in to people who are dishing out drugs and illicit brews,” he added.

In matters regarding Governor Joho’s issue of his officers being withdrawn, he said that the government has its policies and will not continue reorganizing and taking proper actions regardless of individual thoughts.

“The national government will not engage with issues of security of one individual, we have 40 million Kenyans to look after, the security services will continue reorganizing, redeploying, reviewing policies and analyzing situations and taking appropriate actions regardless of what individual politicians think,” he said.