Mombasa County vows not to withdraw traffic marshals from roads


Mombasa, KENYA: Mombasa County government has vowed not withdraw its traffic marshals from the roads despite directives from the Traffic Police Department to have the officers off the roads.

In a presser on Monday, Mombasa County Transport and Infrastructure executive Tawfiq Balala claimed the move was politicized accusing the National Government for frustrating County administration.

“The move is politically motivated, we are being targeted because of our differences in opinion with the government. This however will not drag as back, we will continue working for the people of Mombasa,’’ he said.

Balala maintained that the officers will not leave the roads anytime soon asserting that they have been playing a big role in manning the roads to help control traffic jams especially during rush hours.

“We all know how busy these roads used to be before, with the help of these officers at least now there is movement, they have managed to control the jam, we should appreciate them for that,’’ he added.

He further added that the National Transport and Safety Authority NTSA, acknowledge the presence of the officers on the roads and that they are operating lawfully.

At least 100 County Askaris who have been operating within the streets of Mombasa were on Monday removed from the roads, following an order from the Traffic Police.

According to the directives only the National Police officers were allowed to man the roads.

This is the latest standoff between the County authority and police department after Governor Joho last weekend had all his security officers removed barely days after Joho differed with President Uhuru Kenyatta on project.