Women activist in Mombasa defend President Uhuru

Nominated Senator Beth Mugo ( centre) together with other women activists in Mombasa. PHOTO: DIANA WANYONYI.

Mombasa, KENYA: Women activists in Mombasa County accompanied by Senator Beth Mugo have defended president Uhuru Kenyatta’s leadership, saying that his government has completed and still doing a lot of developmental projects.

Addressing the media on Monday at Voyager Hotel in Mombasa, senator Mugo blamed governor Ali Hassan Joho for what she termed as not being sincere with the citizens in the county.

“What kind of a leader is he Joho who cheats his people? He should tell his people the truth. Now I believe senator Omar and or mheshimiwa they are going to take the seat.” She uttered.

She added that the leadership of president Kenyatta should be respected and not be undermined in anyway, saying that he has obligation of initiating development projects anywhere in the county.

“I know president Uhuru cares for Mombasa, he loves Mombasa and he has brought a lot of projects and this governor must learn to say the truth and learn to respect other leaders and especially leaders who are above him”. She said.

Echoing senator Mugo’s sentiments, Ms. Janet Jawambe one of the women activists who attended the briefing, challenged governor Joho to be respectful to the president as he is also respected by leaders and members of the public.

“We are telling Joho to respect the president because he was elected by the Kenyans. Does he want to tell us that every projects that were started by previous projects by former presidents should be dumped so that new projects should be started again by another president?” She asked.

These reactions come a few days ago Joho challenged President Kenyatta as Jubilee chair to showcase public projects it has implemented while in leadership.