Coast CBO calls on parents to fulfill their roles and responsibilities


MOMBASA: Parents should ensure they fulfill their role and responsibilities in bringing up responsible children free from crime.

This is according to Pwani Youth Network Founder and CEO Alfred Sigo.

Speaking on Saturday at the Sanaa Mtaani Program celebrations that were held at the Allidina Grounds in Jomvu sub-county, Sigo said parents fulfilling their roles will curb cases of juvenile delinquency being witnessed in the county.

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“Constantly engaging with youth to guide them on talent, climate change, and livelihood issues is a core focus of our CBO. However, the pivotal role of parents in shaping manners and instilling life skills at home cannot be overstated, as it forms the foundation for youth development,” said Sigo.

He urged parents to ensure they spend time with their children and know what they are up to.

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“Make time for your children, initiate conversations with them, inquire about how they spend their time, and dedicate yourself to listening attentively to their thoughts. They might be grappling with issues, so lending an ear can assist them in navigating their challenges,” said the PYN CEO.

Sigo’s sentiments come after a 12-year-old boy was arrested in Kisauni. The 12-year-old was among 45 people arrested during a police operation to weed out criminals in Kisauni.

Mombasa County Commissioner Mohammed Noor says the door-to-door operation led to the arrest of several minors aged between 12 and 17 years.

He also called on parents to be accountable for their children’s whereabouts always.

The operations will be extended to Likoni and Jomvu sub-counties.