Mombasa County on the spot over tenancy of Buxton Housing project

Former Buxton residents protest in Mombasa./COURTESY

Haki Yetu Organization wants the Mombasa County government to ensure bonafide tenants of the Buxton project benefit from the housing project.

In a statement signed by Executive Director Peter Kiama, it says the senate committee found that the ultimate beneficiaries of the public land are not the people in the lower realm of society.

Kiama says the County government was ordered to ensure it puts remedial measures to address the injustices against former residents of Buxton but it has yet to do so four months later.

“The Buxton Housing project was reserved for social housing, it is the people’s land, a public resource of the people of Mombasa. However, the land is now in the hands of a private developer who will hold it for 99 years” ” the statement reads.

The certificate of Lease was issued to Buxton Point Apartment Limited, associated with a local politician.

Further, Haki Yetu claims the housing bill before the Senate is different from the one subjected to public participation by the National Assembly, calling on the Senate to reject it.

“For that reason, the Senate must subject this new bill to public participation in all 47 counties, failure to which resultant legislation, if any will be subject to litigation’, it says.