President Ruto faulted for overtaxing Kenyans

President William Ruto assents to the Finance Bill 2023 at State House in Nairobi./STATEHOUSE


President William Ruto is using the court as a scapegoat to cover his government’s failing projects.

This is according to Mombasa-based Political Analyst Peter Kimwele.

Speaking to Baraka FM on Tuesday, Kimwele supported the court ruling on the housing levy saying it was among the laws that the government was using to overtax common mwananchi.

“The government is oppressing Kenyans, it takes money without fulfilling its responsibilities,” said Kimwele.

The political analyst claimed the government was collecting a lot of money from the citizens.

“For the last one and a half years that president has been in office, taxes have increased and a sh.4.5 trillion debt taken by the government, and none of the money has been accounted for,” he said.

He also pointed out that schools were yet to receive capitations even though the president said the government had already disbursed funds to schools.