Journalists urged to join professional bodies

Kenya Correspondents Association Coast Region Chair Omar Abdallah./COURTESY

Journalists have been urged to join professional bodies.

Kenya Correspondents Association (KCA) Coast Region Chair Omar Abdallah has urged journalists to join professional bodies saying that such bodies play a big role in a journalist’s affairs.

“The bodies bring us together as journalists. We have KCA, the Kenya Union of Journalists (KUJ), and the Association of Media Women in Kenya (AMWIK), among others,” said Omar Abdallah.

The KCA Coast Region Chair said that apart from fostering career growth, professional bodies can also be avenues where journalists air out their challenges.

“I understand that as journalists, we are currently facing a lot of challenges, especially when it comes to our financial status. When we come together as journalists, we share and find solutions to the challenges,” he said.

Another advantage of joining professional bodies is they foster career growth through training for their members.

“Some of these bodies have a lot of opportunities. There are grants that you can easily access through the bodies,” added the Coast Region KCA Chair.

Omar also urged journalists to live within their means and not to conform to societal and family pressure.

“There is that class that the society and our family put us due to the nature of our jobs. Do not conform to that class, let us live in reality. Let us be people who speak out and are united. Let us join these professional bodies,” he said.

“Let people speak out when they are having challenges. You do not have to suffer alone, let us be there for one another,” he added.

His sentiments come just days after former Pwani FM radio presenter Sammy Ambari was found dead in his house.

Ambari was found dead on Sunday in his house at Mkongani in Kilifi County.