PWDs decry neglect and harassment at the Likoni Channel

Passengers boarding a ferry at the Likoni crossing channel./COURTESY

People living with disabilities in Mombasa have expressed concern over neglect and harassment they encounter while crossing the Likoni channel.

Speaking to Baraka FM, the chairman of the disabled community, Feisal Abdala said some of their members have been hurt due to congestion at the ferry.

He further says some have been trampled while attempting to board the ferry.

“The distance between matatu alighting stages and the ferry is also quite big which is also a challenge, we have to walk a long distance. That is why you see some resorting to begging, because if you think about the commotion, the distance… It is very inconvenient,” said Feisal.

The community now wants Kenya Ferry Services management to consider disabled-friendly ramps and a service lane for them.

“We urge the management to engage us when coming up with policies governing the usage at the ferry in order not to inconvenience people abled differently,” he added.