One of the Shakahola victims died from TB

Bodies being exhumed from Shakahola./COURTESY

A victim rescued from Shakahola on Monday succumbed to Tuberculosis in addition to starvation and dehydration.

While addressing the media on Tuesday, Chief Government Pathologist Dr. Johansen Oduor said the victim died on Monday night.

“One of the bodies we autopsied was a fresh body because he died in the ward last night. This person had been rescued from the scene yesterday and he was in a very bad state, he was having features of dehydration and starvation,” said Dr. Johansen Oduor.

“When we did an autopsy, one of the things we saw on him was he was very sick. He had Tuberculosis. So what killed him was Tuberculosis in addition to starvation and dehydration,” he added.

The Chief Government Pathologist said they were unable to determine the cause of death of 18 of the victims autopsied today because of the level of decomposition of the bodies.

“However, we could see features of starvation in 14 of the victims while one of them had a head injury. Another one also had some blunt trauma in the legs, though she also died of features that also looked like starvation, one of them had features of strangulation,” said Oduor.

Meanwhile, Dr. Oduor said that none of the bodies autopsied had missing organs. So far 115 autopsies have been carried out.

He also said determining the ages of the victims was also difficult due to the conditions of the bodies.

“However, while we were doing the autopsy, we have seen the body of an infant and one baby who looked like below one year of age among the 10 children that we saw,” said the Chief Government Pathologist.