HFC partners with Athletics Kenya to boost athletes’ home ownership

AK Pres. Lt Gen (Rtd) Jackson Tuwei and HF Group CEO Robert Kibaara after signing the partnership between AK and HFC that will see athletes own homes at affordable prices./COURTESY

Athletes in the country will now be able to own homes at affordable prices following a partnership between HFC and Athletics Kenya.

Speaking during the signing, HF Group CEO Robert Kibaara said the partnership will see HFC provide home purchase financing to elite athletes and other AK members at the incentivized rates of the Kenya Mortgage Refinancing Company.

“As a bank, we are committed to strategic partnerships that enrich lives and believe that through this partnership, we will empower our gallant sportsmen and women to access credit and own their homes,” Kibaara said.

He further pointed out that the partnership will also see athletes be trained on the prudent financial management of planning for affordable home ownership while still active in their careers.

“Many Kenyans rely on financing for home purchase and as a bank, we are well-equipped to help them navigate this journey by providing relevant home ownership savings plans and end-buyer financing options” he added.

Kibaara said the partnership will facilitate linkages to strategic affordable housing developers and bulk allocation of government affordable housing projects, through joint application to the State Department of Housing and Development.

Commenting on the partnership, AK President Lieutenant General (Rtd) Jack Tuwei said the partnership was a milestone towards securing the future of sportspersons long after hanging their boots.

“Many times, we have heard and read of stories of sportsmen and women living in abject poverty despite bringing glory to the country. Many of them are struggling to pay rent or find that they are incurring a lot of expenses towards the same. With this new partnership, as an athlete, you are assured that you will always have a roof over your head,” Gen (Rtd) Tuwei said.

He also encouraged as many Kenyan athletes as possible to come on board, and use their prize monies to invest in affordable homes under the new partnership.

“Nothing gives humans more peace in their hearts than the knowledge they will always have a roof over their heads for the rest of their lives. This is exactly what this partnership offers to tens of thousands of athletes in this country. It aligns with the Government of Kenya’s plan to ensure every Kenyan has access to affordable and decent housing,” he said.