Shakahola death toll hits 150 as more bodies are exhumed

Bodies being exhumed from Shakahola./COURTESY

The ‘Shakahola cult’s death toll hit 150 as five more bodies were exhumed on Thursday.

In her daily briefing at the Shakahola command center, Coast Regional Commander Rhoda Onyancha said two other people were rescued.

“Today we managed to find two men in the thickets, they were rushed to hospital,” said the Coast Regional Commander.

According to Onyancha, 594 people have been reported missing while only 14 have been reunited with their families.

So far 25 people have been arrested in connection to the deaths, and 93 DNA samples have been collected.

The Shanzu Law Courts on Wednesday ordered 30 days detention of controversial speaker Paul Mackenzie and 17 others who were arrested in connection to the deaths.

Meanwhile, In the corridors of justice in Nairobi, embattled Pastor Ezekiel Odero now wants a Nairobi court that issued orders to freeze his accounts to vacate those orders and allow him access to the funds.

He says he wants to access his funds for the easy operation of the church and the international school operated by him.

Through lawyers Dunstan Omari, Cliff Ombeta and Samson Nyaberi, they have told Milimani principal magistrate Ben Mark that the DCI obtained the orders to freeze his account fraudulently by not disclosing to the court that they had filed a similar application in various courts including Shanzu law Court and there is another matter before Mombasa High court.

They argued that it was embarrassing for the Nairobi court to issue orders to freeze Ezekiel Odero’s bank accounts while the matter was still pending before a Superior court. 

Ombeta submitted that the mischievous conduct of the state of moving from one court to another in an attempt to frustrate pastor Ezekiel is a misuse of the judicial process.