Archbishop: I urge Ruto and Raila to talk

Arch-bishop Martin Kivuva of Mombasa Diocese photo:file

Excerpt conversation by ArchBishop Rev.Martin Musonde Kivuva, Mombasa Catholic Diocese on state of the Nation.

Baraka FM: Thank You for speaking to us. Kenyans are lamenting much about the cost of living. What do you say about this?

Archbishop Kivuva: First I thank Kenyans for maintaining peace during 2022 general elections. I understand the challenges common mwananchi is passing through. I empathize with them. Indeed, something needs to be done. In a recent sitting with authorities we proposed for the re-introduction of Agricultural extension officers to help local farmers.

Let me also blame the wanton corruption for the hunger in the country. If people steal without fear of repercussions, it puts the economy is a precarious situation. Its even a pity that people buy hay for their herds. This never used to happen.

Baraka FM: Recently the First Lady Her Excellency Rachael Ruto said they would be leading prayers for rain in different countries. Is this the way to go?

Archbishop Kivuva: Prayers are very welcomed. Both Christians and Muslims and other religions have a connection with God hence we must never cease to pray. It’s our duty to pray for rain for God to hear us. However, we must act after prayers. We must engage our brains by doing something towards our prayers. In Mathew 7:7 God says “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye. shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you: 

Baraka FM: President Ruto has proposed former CITAM Bishop David Oginde as EACC chair. What’s your take on the appointment?

I know Oginde personally as an astute man. We have meetings with him during inter-denomination meetings and so forth. So, his appointment brings hope in fighting corruption. He is experienced and that is a plus. However, he will need our input to tackle corruption as Kenyans from whistle blowing, refusing to engage in corrupt activities and living an upright life. Everyone has weaknesses but I believe Bishop Oginde is the right person for the job.

Baraka FM: Azimio One-Kenya Alliance Coalition party leader Raila Odinga has called for mass action. Is this the way to go?

Archbishop Kivuva: The opposition has a role to play in keeping the government in check. Even the constitution guarantees freedom of assembly and picketing. I think what we should be asking is that peace is maintained during the demos.

We don’t want to see a situation where looting, breaking the law and violence will take center-stage. That’s the danger of demos. A few people start demos with right intention then when the group grows, some people will come with their agenda like looting and violence. I therefore urge the opposition to ensure peace reigns during demonstrations.

Baraka FM: Would you call for a truce (Handshake) between president Ruto and Raila?

Archbishop Kivuva: No, no we are not talking about handshake like in the last administration. What we advocate for is that the two leaders talk to each other to ease the tension we are witnessing in the country. If I was to meet Raila and Ruto , I would urge  them to speak with each other.