Our maritime certificates meet international standards, says PS Mwadime

Maritime and Shipping PS Shadrack Mwadime engages with Bandari Maritime Academy's Forklift and Empty Container Handler students after the launch of the institution's strategic plan./Joyce Jura

The Certificates awarded in the country’s maritime institutions meet international standards.

Speaking on Thursday during the Bandari Maritime Academy Strategic Plan launch, Maritime and Shipping Principal Secretary Shadrack Mwadime said that the perception that ‘certificates awarded in Kenya’s maritime institutions did not meet international standards’ was false.

“I wish to say this emphatically as the PS in Shipping and Maritime Affairs that the kind of certificates we issue here are internationally recognized and that is why a number of our young people have been able to access jobs in the shipping lines,” said PS Mwadime.

Mwadime assured the public that there was no need to be anxious or apprehensive about the courses offered.

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“Since we began this program, about 6,000 of them have accessed employment opportunities, and going forward we want even more to be employed abroad,” he added.

Meanwhile, Bandari Maritime Academy Ag. Director CEO Francis Muraya has urged the government for financial resources for the students.

“The equipment need and infrastructure is very expensive. We are looking up at the ministry in terms of resources. Our students are in need of school fees,” said Muraya.

Employment and sea time challenge

In terms of securing employment for maritime graduates, PS Mwadime said that the ministry was working with a Danish Shipping line to get slots for Kenyan students.

“We want to enter into an MoU with all these countries that provide opportunities,” said Mwadime.

“Indeed we have agreed on a partnership program that they can come over to our institute and do some inspection and on the basis of that inspection then engage our young people in their shipping lines,” he added.

Speaking on the sea time experience, PS Mwadime said “We are already in partnership with CMA CGM, last year they picked six graduates, this year they are picking and going forward they will be picking 25. That is just one of the shipping companies to offer them the sea time they require.”

The PS also assured that the government was in discussions with the Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) which has offered 1,500 slots for students who graduate from Bandari Maritime Academy.

“Other than that, 1,500 who already have sea time experience are then absorbed as part of their employees,” he said.

During the launch, Bandari Maritime Academy Board Chair Prof. Kinandu Muragu said that the institution was working to set up a Placement Department in the next 12 months to ensure students are placed in the correct companies.