PP1 child dies after electricity pole falls on him

A fallen electricity pole./COURTESY

A PP1 child has died after an electricity pole fell on him in Kaloleni, Kilifi County.

Antony Jefwa Kalama is said to have been waiting for his grade four sister outside Kaloleni Junior Academy when the incident happened.

Speaking to Baraka FM, his uncle, John Simon Chai, said Antony was in the company of his other sibling in grade three.

“They had left class at 3 pm but the motorbike which usually takes them home was late, so they waited outside the gate for their sister who is in grade four because she leaves class later than them,” said the uncle.

The uncle said the two children were playing when the pole fell on Antony at around 4:45 pm.

He was rushed to Bombolulu clinic where they said his condition was beyond them before transferring him to Mariakani hospital.

“At Mariakani hospital they told us his condition was critical and directed us to take him to Jocham hospital for an x-ray to see where he was injured. While in the process of organizing for an ambulance to take him to Jocham, he succumbed to his injuries,” his uncle said.

The school is yet to comment on the incident saying they are awaiting the postmortem and police reports.

“The problem with the pole is not recent; it had been shaky for a while and KPLC had knowledge of it,” said the uncle.

The family says Anthony’s burial will be on the 18th of February to allow time for postmortem and police investigations.

Meanwhile, the Kilifi County Department of Disaster Management said it was investigating the incident.