Over 10 elderly people killed in Kilifi over claims of ‘witchcraft’

Some of the tents where the elders stay at the rescue centre in Moi village, Magarini, Kilifi./COURTESY

Activists in Kilifi County have lamented over what they claim is a spate of killings of the elderly on allegations of seeking cheap land inheritance.

The human rights defenders argue that youths have wrongfully used the age factor to eliminate the elderly in the county.

According to Kilifi Social Justice Centre Executive Director Simon Kazungu, over ten elderly people have been murdered in cold blood on claims of practicing witchcraft since June this year.

“The cases had drastically reduced but it is unfortunate that the trend is rising now,” he noted.

He says the cases are currently rampant in the area.

“These cases are on the rise in Magarini, Sabaki and Malindi areas,” he said.

Kazungu who also doubles as the Pwani Social Jusctice Centre Chair pointed out that despite being rescued some of the elderly have also fallen victim of the same.

“There is an elderly person who had initially been rescued and later taken to the community; he ended up being murdered.”