Bongo star Kusah opens up on how his wife’s friends hated him


Bongo Flavour star Kusah has revealed how his wife’s friends “mashosti” wanted her to dump him for being poor.

Speaking during a live interview at Baraka FM on Friday, Kusah laments that the said friends were jealous of the relationship.

The ‘I wish ‘hitmaker says it took a lot of focus for their relationship to work and even graduate to marriage.

“They use to tell her to dump me that am good for nothing”, he revealed.

By that time, Kusah was a struggling musician in Dar Es Salaam while his then girlfriend Aunty Ezekiel was a person of means.

“During my struggling years, my wife could offer me lifts on her car which her friends did not like at all”, he said.

Kusah was however quick to praise his wife known as Aunty Ezekiel for sticking with him during his hard times.

“My father taught me that people can talk about you all they want but you must maintain focus’, added Kusah.

He says his music journey has brought him success with his single “I wish’ hitting 11 million views on YouTube.

“I can now afford to buy a car for my wife and also take care of my family. Her patience paid off”, said Kusah.

Kusah who is in Mombasa for a string of shows has been married to Aunty Ezekiel for five years.

He once dated Bongo songbird Ruby with whom they have a child together.

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