It is important to carry food or water when going to vote

Voters queue to vote in a past general election./COURTESY

Kenyans have been urged to at least carry food or a bottle of water when going to vote on Tuesday.

Mombasa Archbishop Martin Kivuva said that this will enable individuals to beat hunger and thirst in case of a long queue.

“We urge people in different polling stations when going to vote, carry even a bottle of water or something to eat. Some of you are not well, like the diabetes cases, do not stay hungry or see that you have taken long in the queue and leave. Plan yourself that you can even stay the whole day while queuing,” said Archbishop Kivuva.

Martin Kamotho famously known by Kenyans as githeri man./COURTESY

Kivuva also called on Kenyans to show-up and vote saying that voting was everybody’s democratic right and responsibility.