Hassan Omar’s WHEEL policy for Mombasa residents

Mombasa gubernatorial candidate Hassan Omar and his running-mate Selina Maitha during the press briefing at the Hustler Center in Nyali, Mombasa on Saturday 6th August, 2022./COURTESY

Mombasa Gubernatorial candidate Hassan Omar Sarai says his policy will be focused on key areas of Water, Health, Economy, Education and Land and environment (WHEEL).

While addressing the media on Saturday at the Hustler center in Nyali, the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) Mombasa gubernatorial candidate said his manifesto for Mombasa focuses on those five pillars.

“Our plan for Mombasa aligns with the UDA bottom-up economic transformation agenda, Kenya’s vision 2030, and various development instruments specific to Kenya’s 600km coastline,” said Omar.

“We will be creating a WHEEL that will drive us to prosperity. This WHEEL is the PILLAR of my administration outlining the sectors we will deal with in the first five years,” he added.

Omar said Mombasa had witnessed the worst form of retrogressive politics over the last ten years, saying access to livelihoods has been limited, resources massively plundered, enterprises destroyed, development suspended and families left to fend for themselves.

“The democratic gains achieved since the advent of multiparty democracy, and more specifically since the promulgation of the new Constitution of Kenya 2010, have been eroded by the current leadership in Mombasa. The County government has been emasculated and made personal property and is now totally unaccountable to the people of Mombasa,” said Omar.

Omar said his WHEEL plan addresses the dignified livelihood of all citizens by uplifting ;ow-income earners while allowing businesses to thrive within the confines of good practices.