Nyota Ndogo blasts cheating husbands

Singer Nyota Ndogo PHOTO COURTESY

Singer and entrepreneur Nyota Ndogo has asked unfaithful men to continue with their trend far from where they live.

Nyota Ndogo says when men cheat near their homes, their women get humiliated each time they’re around friends.

In a video she posted on her Facebook page, the songstress says women need the opportunity to brag about their marriages and be proud of their partners.

“When your wife is chatting with her friends about their marriages she ends up being the laughing stock because of your cheating tendencies, if you are going to cheat do it far away from your home,” said Nyota Ndogo.

 “…yule mke wako ata akija akikaa na wanawake wenzake wakianza kuongea kuhusu wanaume wenzao yeye akianza kuongea kukuhusu wewe anakusifia, ywachekwa kwa sababu wewe umemdhalilisha…fanyeni mnayoyafanya lakini sio karibu na nyumbani.”

She adds that the wives or partners are never told everything by those who tell them the infidelity stories of the husbands.

“Your wife is respected in the community and your children are well known, immediately your wife travels you bring your lover to the house to share the same bed you share with your wife,” she added.

“…mke wako anaheshimika mtaani, watoto wako wanajulikana mtaani mke akisafiri kidogo wewe ndio huyo umeanza kuleta mipango yako ya kando nyumbani kwa kitanda cha mke wako,” she said.

Nyota continued to blast the men by even urging them to make sure the ‘Mpango wa Kando’ are out of the house early in the morning and not late when the neighbors are awake.

She says kids are even dragged into these issues when the other kids pick on them because of their parent’s behavior.

However, she did not leave women who do the same by saying; “…na nyinyi wanawake mnaofanya mpango wa kando, muweke nje. Hamna aibu?”