Kilifi Women lack knowledge on economic empowerment opportunities

Women attending an empowerment symposium organized by Dream Achievers youth Organization DAYO in Kilifi county./FILE

Inadequate knowledge on economic empowerment opportunities has been cited as a setback for most women in Kilifi county.

This is according to Nnational Ggovernment Gender Director in Kilifi Georgina Thulu.

“Most women in this county have no information on where and how to access empowerment opportunities,” she explained.

Speaking in Kilifi County, Thulu said this has led to most women lacking some of the basic skills on how to economically empower their lives.

 “The government has however put all measures in place to ensure that women have an opportunity to access these opportunities,” she noted.

Thulu says most women engage in domestic chores that limit their involvement in economic affairs.

On the other hand, Umoja Women Group chairman Mumina Aloso says most women were adversely affected by coronavirus.

She says single mothers’ widows were the mostly affected lot.

“A good number of women in our group were affected by the corona virus. This includes single mothers and widows,” she explained.

Aloso however says most of the women depend on small scale business as their only source of livelihood.

The meeting, organized by Dream Achievers Youth Organization DAYO brought together various business-oriented women in Kilifi county on Tuesday.